Variant Capital Advisors





Announcing the Sale of
Mincer HD S.A. de C.V.
to MAT Holdings, Inc.


Has been acquired by

Variant Capital Advisors LLC
acted as investment banker to
Mincer HD S.A. de C.V.
and its parent company,
Precision Holding LLC,
a portfolio company of
Cerberus Capital Management.




Variant Capital’s specialized financial advisory and investment banking services allow over-leveraged middle market companies to survive and ultimately flourish. Variant Capital has a superior record of bringing disparate parties together in negotiations and a wealth of experience in negotiating with senior lenders, bondholders and other creditors. Our experience allows us to identify, credibly support and coherently present strong negotiating positions to enable positive resolutions. Variant Capital acts as an advocate for its client’s position and aggressively negotiates with all interested constituents in a given transaction. Further, Variant Capital has superior access to traditional and non-traditional sources of capital to complete the most complex refinancing, recapitalization or restructuring.


Variant Capital’s role typically includes:


  • Analysis of the operations, properties, financial condition + liquidity, long-term business plan + related debt capacity of the company
  • Evaluation of various capital structures + alternatives to improve liquidity while supporting long-term growth
  • Development of an optimal strategy for accomplishing a financial restructuring
  • Negotiation with various stakeholders + advisors to restructure existing debt, equity + other corporate liabilities
  • Arrangement of DIP financing, exit financing + other capital raising solutions
  • Execution of transactions in the context of out-of-court restructurings or in formal bankruptcy proceedings