Variant Capital Advisors





Announcing the Sale of
Mincer HD S.A. de C.V.
to MAT Holdings, Inc.


Has been acquired by

Variant Capital Advisors LLC
acted as investment banker to
Mincer HD S.A. de C.V.
and its parent company,
Precision Holding LLC,
a portfolio company of
Cerberus Capital Management.




Variant Capital primarily provides sell-side services to performing and under-performing companies in the middle and lower-middle market. We will work with you from the early stages of strategic planning through the closing, taking a strategic, thorough and results-focused approach to each transaction.


With respect to more complex situations, Variant Capital has a proven track record of successfully working with companies within situations that don’t “sell themselves.” Our relationships with financial and strategic investors that specialize in these transactions create sale and auction environments that often exceed client valuation expectations.


Our sell-side role typically includes:


  • Analysis of business + review of strategic alternatives
  • Development of sale strategy
  • Identification + analysis of optimal deal structure
  • Sell-side due diligence, including creation + maintenance of a virtual data room
  • Positioning + preparation of marketing materials
  • Definition + contact of buyer universe
  • Solicitation of letters of intent
  • Structuring + negotiation of proposals + transaction documents