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Performance Improvement

A company may have vision. It may have the ideal product and the ideal team of professionals behind it. And as some of the world's finest businesses have learned, even that doesn't guarantee financial success.

That's Where Conway MacKenzie Comes In
Conway MacKenzie helps you pinpoint operational issues and implement the changes needed to improve financial performance. Our Performance Improvement Group analyzes and fine-tunes business operational strategies, including methods and resources used for producing and delivering a product. We strengthen operational performance, and that, in turn, delivers strong financial performance – as evidenced by hundreds of companies that have achieved high-impact results with the help of our team. We identify the key drivers of operational success and translate those drivers into a plan of action and results.

The Conway MacKenzie Approach
Understand Your Business
The first step for improving performance is to understand what's happening right now. We work with your management team to assess the costs of your operations and the processes that drive them. We identify specific actions that quickly impact the bottom line; then we work to predict the effects of process changes and, in some cases, demonstrate the need for a comprehensive restructuring plan.

Get to the Root of the Matter
Understanding the root cause of operational issues is critical to the success of any improvement plan, and our skilled and experienced professionals waste no time. Our systematic approach quickly identifies the issues that lead to underperformance.

Plan for Success
Working with management, we develop and execute improvement plans to restore enterprise value. Our improvement plans create immediate sustainable value for your business. Whether it's cost reduction, headcount reduction, scrap reduction, plant layout changes, new equipment purchases and implementation or plant consolidations and closings, our solutions bring rapid and measurable results.

Reap the Rewards
Our action plans lead to changes, and our changes lead to results. Once the Conway MacKenzie plan has been implemented, your operations may look very different. The way you think about your business may be very different. And your expectations of your business will certainly be different as financial and operational performance are restored.


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