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The automotive industry was front and center of the economic crisis that began in the September of 2008. Despite the crisis and the bankruptcy filings of GM and Chrysler, the North American industry persevered and continued on its path of transformation that began in the late 1990ís and early 2000ís as North American sales and production volumes peaked and began declining. The transformation process is not yet over, and the consolidation of the industry is expected to continue as excess capacity will continue to impact margins and cash flows over the next few years.

As this transformation continues, Conway MacKenzie will be there to help key stakeholders work through their business challenges. Conway MacKenzie gets involved in all areas of the capital structure and has the experience necessary to execute restructuring and M&A transactions. Our focus in all transactions is to perform critical analysis of the company and its current situation, develop plans to improve the financial and operational performance of the Company, and implement those plans through working with relevant stakeholders.

Conway MacKenzie has established itself as a leader in the automotive industry through the combination of years of experience, number of transactions and restructurings executed, our team of qualified industry leaders who have owned and operated automotive companies, and our approach to maximizing value for each and every client. Because of our experience and expertise in the automotive industry, Conway MacKenzie is well positioned to help all stakeholders in addressing their business needs. Our team is experienced in restructuring companies through both operational and financial restructurings, executing in and out of court restructuring transactions (representing debtors, creditors, and other key stakeholders), developing and implementing performance improvements, and assisting corporate and private equity in all of their transaction needs (including financial and operational due diligence on buy and sell-side M&A transactions).




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